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JustBeamIt is the best website I have found in 2020 to send files for free, of any size and at maximum speed

I often find myself wanting to send large files for work, or just for the sake of sharing videos with friends or family. Default, my question is usually "do you have Telegram?", to know if that person can receive it without having to resort to uploading to the typical file sending platforms or to Google Drive. However, when the person does not have Telegram or the file occupies more than 2 GB, you have to look for alternatives.

And JustBeamIt is the best tool I have found. This is nothing new, and in fact its twitter account It's from 2011, so we can get an idea of ​​how long he's been with us, at the very least. JustBeamIt it is literally a web to which we drag a file and it generates a link that we can share with whoever we want. The moment the recipient opens the link on their browser, mobile or PC, the download begins.

Send files with no size limit and at the maximum speed of our line


JustBeamIt impressed me the first time I tried it with a friend. I, from my home in Seville, sent him a 2 GB file, and he, from his home in Madrid, received the maximum upload speed of my line, which are 280 Mbps upload from the point where I have placed the laptop.

About 35 MB per second that radically collide with the 5 MB per second to which I send files via Telegram, or the very decent 20 MB per second to which I send via WeTransfer. In a test carried out with a relative who comes to Germany, the experience has been similar.

Sending giant files to the max of what our line allows feels like a luxury

The difference with WeTransfer, which can be a more comfortable service, is that file size does not matter, it has no limits, compared to the limited 2 GB of the mentioned service. So, doing other tests, I sent my friend a 10 GB file in less than 10 minutes. The operation is very simple, but also not very flexible. If the sender or recipient closes the browser window, sending and receiving are aborted and you have to start from scratch. Another negative point is that the link we generate is only valid for 10 minutes.

Snapdrop: how to transfer files between devices on the same network, easy, fast and free

The company that develops JustBeamIt ensures that you do not save anything on your servers, and from the operation, it seems real, because with intermediaries the delivery is usually slower, and here the feeling is as promised: that it is a point-to-point connection between two people using WebRTC.

JustBeamIt has given me trouble trying to send MKV files, but when compressing in Zip it has been sent and received correctly. If we send several files at the same time, the web generates a zip that brings together everything at the destination.