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Jessie and James return to Pokémon GO along with a limited Shiny Celebi

In case Pokémon GO events were missing in December, Niantic gives us one more.

This December Pokémon GO never ceases to amaze us. In the first days of the month we have received with open arms the new Kalos region Pokémon and also to the first of the stations, the Celebration Station.

We will also shortly have the celebration of the Community Day compilation of the whole year and, now, Niantic has announced a special event on the occasion of the arrival of the movie "Pokémon The secrets of the jungle."

Jessie and James are back

pokemon go event jessie and james

Jessie and James will be the stars of the special event for the new Pokémon movie The Secrets of the Jungle.

The most endearing and clumsy villains we've ever met, Jessie and James, are returning to the Pokémon GO scene for a limited time. From Monday December 14 The balloon in the shape of Meowth that will transport the members of Team Rocket will make its return. By fighting them and defeating them earlier we could capture Koffing and Dark Ekans with the shiny version activated. This time it seems that the Pokémon will be different.

Speaking of shinys, Niantic's other big surprise at this event is a special investigation which will have as a final reward a Shiny Celebi. The course of the investigation also brings a curious modification and, this time, we will not help Professor Willow, but they will be the very same Jessie and James who guide us.

As a final part of the event, in the store for free Items inspired by the outfits Jessie and James wear in the movie will be available.

Event with explorer Pikachu and themed Pokémon from the movie


The Shiny version of Rufflet will be activated on the 14th.

Did you think Jessie, James and Shiny Celebi were all? Well, you were wrong. On the same day, Monday, December 14, Pikachu Explorer will appear in the wild and raids. In addition it will also have its shiny version activated for the enjoyment of collectors. This variant of the popular electric-type mouse Pokémon will also be the protagonist of the featured time on Tuesday, December 15.

Finally, which is not a little, for three days, from December 14 to 17, will appear wild more often Hoothoot, Nuzleaf, Drilbur, Cottonee or Dwebble, among others. Also, hopefully we'll get a During Shiny. In the raids section, Lickitung, Mawile, Flygon and Rufflet will dominate most raids, and Igglybuff, Smoochum, Elekid, Magby, Bonsly and Rufflet they will hatch from 5 KM eggs.

Reading carefully, a Rufflet's most noticeable presence, and it is basically because Niantic will activate its variocolor version from the 14th. To enjoy!