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in 2021 there will be a OnePlus smartwatch

The CEO of OnePlus makes its first smartwatch official, which will arrive in early 2021.

The history of OnePlus and the accessory ecosystem of their popular mobiles flagship killer has undergone quite a few changes since its birth in 2013, starting by offering its smartphones without further dressings until reaching our days, already with a portfolio where we find wireless headphones such as the OnePlus Buds Z, packs and even backpacks that accompany the offer of the Chinese manufacturer.

In fact, for months there has been speculation about the possibility of seeing a OnePlus smartwatch soon, a bizarre story where there is that of your smartwatch that, finally, has been confirmed by Pete Lau himself, co-founder of the brand with the fled Carl Pei and current CEO of OnePlus.

OnePlus smart watch

Confirmed: OnePlus will have its first smartwatch in 2021.

And furthermore, it is not only that be official that there will be a OnePlus smartwatch in 2021, but Pete Lau has confirmed that it will be at the beginning of the year without specifying much more or dates or characteristics. Knowing OnePlus and its taste for the machinery of the hype, I have no proof but neither doubt that soon there will be news about this smart watch still unknown.

Regarding the bizarre story that we were telling you, the truth is that OnePlus has been trying to access the smartwatch market since 2016, although for various reasons it has not yet presented what will be its first watch.

First it was blamed Wear OS and its obvious immaturity and abandonment by Google, which prevented obtaining a product that offered an adequate experience, although then we have only had rumors and more rumors about the return of OnePlus to the design table with your long-awaited smartwatch.

We will see now what the guys from OnePlus have prepared for us, because certainly 2021 is almost with us and the wheel will begin to turn fast if Samsung meets and anticipates the arrival of its Galaxy S21.