If you have one of these Xiaomi, you have a very useful function to clean its speaker

You can clean the speaker of your Xiaomi automatically using a useful function built into some mobiles. These are the models that include this tool.

Not everyone knows that some Xiaomi phones are capable of “cleaning themselves”. To do this, they issue sounds through your speaker, which due to their frequency are capable of expel dirt present in this.

But not all Xiaomi phones are compatible with this function that, although it is not something new - devices such as the iPhone 7 or the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active have already included it for years -, it can be very useful. So today we want list all mobiles that do include this tool.

OnePlus 8 Pro bottom: speaker

Some mobiles can clean their speaker automatically.

The 11 Xiaomi phones compatible with the speaker cleaning function

To carry out this cleaning, compatible Xiaomi devices emit a sound lasting up to 30 seconds. This tone has been specially created to use the maximum amplitude of the speaker, thus being capable of expelling specks of dust, or even water that may have remained inside.

Although not all Xiaomi phones include this function, it is present in some of the most recent of the series Redmi with MIUI inside. As indicated in XiaomiAdictos, they are the following:

Using this function is simple. If you have a compatible mobile, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the settings app and then go to the Additional settings section.
  2. Select the option called "Clean Speaker."
  3. Activate the option and wait for the audio to stop playing.

Clean the speaker of any Xiaomi mobile with a free app

Sooner or later, Xiaomi may decide to bring this function to all its terminals, including the most expensive ones. Until then, it is possible to use Android applications that allow cleaning the speaker using the same technique used by Xiaomi.

The vast majority of apps of this type can be downloaded for free, and will not damage the speaker of our device. However, it is best not to abuse its operation and use it only when really necessary.