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If you are a fan of Google and Android you will want to have this exclusive figure

At first it was exclusive to Google employees. Now anyone can buy this adorable Android figure.

Although Google celebrated the twentieth anniversary of its foundation in 2017, it was not until a year later that Dead zebra, the company known for being behind the creation of official Android decorative figures, I decided to create a special version commemorating the two decades of life of the search engine firm, which would only be delivered to Google employees.

Now, two years later, Dead Zebra has decided put these figures on sale, aimed at the biggest fans of Google and Android, and that can be purchased through the official store of the brand.

A figure in the original Google colors

Google 20th Anniversary Android Figure

Google's 20th Anniversary figure created by Dead Zebra.

Yet $ 15 price, Dead Zebra has put on sale this little figure of something less than 8 centimeters tall, decorated to commemorate the creation of Google in 1997.

As the store itself explains, this figure was delivered only to Google members in 2018, but some units were left over that Dead Zebra has wanted to put on sale. Like the rest of the figures for sale on the brand's website, it is made of vinyl and has accessories that can be removed such as birthday hat or balloon.

Being a product for collectors, it is likely that the stock of the figure does not last too long. Therefore, if you want to get a unit, you better do it as soon as possible. You can do it through the official Dead Zebra store.