Huawei plans to distribute Harmony OS on 100 million devices and with 40 different brands

Huawei's operating system is already being tested within China and for some company mobiles, but it will not be limited to phones: the brand plans to bring HarmonyOS to a good part of the home ecosystem. And it will not do it alone: ​​as confirmed by Huawei, it has reached agreements with 40 different manufacturers to integrate HarmonyOS into up to 100 million devices.

2020 has been a year for Huawei to forget, and not only because of the terrible pandemic that has devastated us since the US veto is wreaking havoc on the company, especially internationally. The brand is developing a 'plan B'; that goes through its services and also through its own operating system, HarmonyOS. We have not yet been able to test it because, at least for now, the betas are circulating only in China. Precisely, it will be there where the aforementioned HarmonyOS will extend beyond Huawei.

Huawei seeks to diversify the use of HarmonyOS

Harmony Os Some of the brands that will integrate HarmonyOS in their devices

Huawei's operating system is developed to be versatile since can be installed on a huge number of smart devices. Smartphones may be its spearhead, but it is also suitable for smartwatches, televisions, cars, Smart TVs, connected devices for the home ... This ability of HarmonyOS to adapt has managed to ensure the brand's popularization of the system, by less on paper and in China.

HarmonyOS for mobile seems to be based on Android AOSP at the moment

These days the Huawei Developer Day is being held in China, a conference of developers where the company has revealed part of the path that HarmonyOS will travel. The operating system was born with the intention of reaching a huge number of devices, not just Huawei. In fact, the company has revealed that reached an agreement with 40 different manufacturers to bring HarmonyOS to up to 100 million devices. These agreements were carried out with recognizable brands from the Chinese technological ecosystem; It remains to be seen if Huawei will be able to deploy HarmonyOS beyond its phones in international territory.

With HarmonyOS 2.0 Huawei has laid the foundations with which not only to supply Google on phones, it also aspires to make the system the best way to expand its services. And this would guarantee its survival since, since it cannot use key components to make devices due to the American veto, other brands using Huawei software will end up paying you back.

Via | Huawei Central