Huawei patents a revolutionary method to remove scratches from your mobile screen

The Chinese firms seek to revolutionize the repair of scratches in all parts of their smartphones.

The screens of current smartphones are as impressive as they are expensive and changing them due to breakage or scratches will be a good stab to our pocket. Companies are earnestly seeking to fight their fragility. For example, Apple included in its new iPhone 12 the Ceramic Shield, a ceramic shield that promises greater durability to the front panel.

Now, it is Huawei who takes a step forward with a patent that wants to easily remove scratches from the screens of their smartphones. Specifically, the Chinese firm registered it on December 22 in the National Intellectual Property Office of China under the name of "Method and equipment for removing scratches on glass."

This is the new Huawei patent

Huawei Mate 40 Pro

The Huawei Mate 40 Pro + is one of the most powerful mobiles of 2020.

The patent registered by Huawei shows a method for fix scratch damage in the glass of smartphone panels, but also serves as a resource for the rear of the terminals. Thanks to this "team", which automatically detects scratches, the most effective method of repairing the surface at first, and then tackling subsequent phases.

If we talk about the screen, the glass will have to be cleaned with alcohol, while for the rear panel an ultrasonic cleaner will be used.

When the cleaning is done, whatever it is, it's time to prepare a special mix, which is formed by acrylate (35-45%), epoxy resin (50-60%), accelerators (2-3%) and additives (2-3%). This is injected into the damaged area through a transparent film which sticks directly to the terminal.

Finally, an ultraviolet laser is "fired" into the area, ending the process. Huawei ensures that with this method the screen will return to its normal state. And it is not for less, because we are not talking, precisely, of a simple process. In the image below, we see the detailed process (in Chinese).

huawei patent

This is the patent registered by Huawei to repair scratches on your phones.