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How to use Chrome on Android as a file explorer for your phone

Sometimes when browsing the files on our mobile we have had to download third-party applications, especially when the factory-installed browser does not convince us. But did you know that you can use Chrome as a file explorer on Android ?.

Google browser allows you to browse the files on your phone mobile way that we will not have to install third-party applications. It's very basic, but it's quite curious and the best of all is that you only have to use one command to activate this option.

Chrome is also a file explorer


In order to activate this function we will not even have to use the "flags" function. You only have to enter the command that we are now going to detail. You must open Chrome and in the address bar write File: /// sdcard /.


With that order we will make Chrome work as a file explorer. We will see how a warning appears on the screen to grant Chrome permission to access the system files and in this way see what is the content of the internal memory of our smartphone.

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With this system we can view all kinds of files, including multimedia content in the form of videos, images or playing sounds, and all without leaving Chrome and with a very PC-like static.

We can enter all the folders and files that we have on the mobile, although it is very basic and we can only view them, you will not manage taking or moving content.