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How to transfer files via Bluetooth or NFC on Android

Send files from one mobile to another with Bluetooth and NFC transfer on Android. Step by step, in this guide we explain how to do it.

Bluetooth and NFC technology are two of the simplest and most useful methods to transfer files between two Android devices. If you still do not use these tools, in this guide we explain step by step how to do it.

Quickly and easily, you can share any type of file between two mobiles, be it images, audios, documents or videos. The only condition is that both terminals are at a close distance.

Without further ado, let's see in detail how you can transfer files by Bluetooth and by NFC on Android.

Transfer files Bluetooth NFC Android

So you can transfer files via Bluetooth and NFC from one Android mobile to another.

How to transfer files via Bluetooth on Android

Bluetooth is a technology that we all know today, it is present in all smartphones. In fact, you may use it daily to connect your mobile with your wireless headphones, for example.

In addition to this application, the Bluetooth of your mobile is used to transfer files easily and quickly to other devices that have this connectivity. In this case, we explain how to use Bluetooth on your terminal to send files to another device Android. Remember that both must be close and must have Bluetooth activated.

  1. On your mobile, access the file you want to transfer.
  2. Click on the icon "Share", which usually appears in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on "Bluetooth" to select it as the transfer method.
  4. Wait a few seconds until the other mobile appears in the list of available devices. Then, click on his name.
  5. On the other mobile, accept the file transfer. Depending on its size, shipping may take more or less time.

And there is nothing else, that is how easy it is to transfer files via Bluetooth. In the example you can see in the previous screenshots, a single document is transferred, although you can select multiple files for shipping and you will have no problems.

How to transfer files by NFC on Android

NFC technology is less well known today than Bluetooth, although its use is expected to be paramount in the future. And it is that the applications of this connectivity are very useful for all users, such as mobile payments, fast pairing with other devices and reading of NFC tags with programmed actions.

Again, you must have the NFC technology activated on the two devices that are going to carry out the file transfer before starting the process. Once enabled, follow these steps to transfer files by NFC:

  1. Access the file that you want to share.
  2. Join the back parts of the two mobiles so they can communicate with each other while they are unlocked. Both mobiles must be completely glued.
  3. When they connect, you will notice a small vibration in the two phones and in the mobile sending the file you will see the message "Tap to share" -this message may vary depending on the manufacturer-. After tapping, the transfer via NFC will begin, which will finish in a few seconds.

And so far the guide to know how you can transfer files by Bluetooth and NFC. The next time you have to share documents, images or any other type of file between two mobiles, don't hesitate to use these two methods so fast and easy to use.