how to transfer files between devices on the same network, easy, fast and free

Snapdrop is a small open source project that offers local file sharing from browser. It's inspired by the Apple Airdrop and it works wonders. Basically it is an extremely simple way to transfer files between devices on the same network.

All you have to do is open Snapdrop from the browser on any of the devices connected to the same network and drag the files you want to transfer between one and another. The process is fast and extremely easy.

Install as progressive web application

Snapdrop Pwa

This tool is also a PWA or progressive web application, so you can easily install it by opening it from the browser (Chrome, Edge) to use in a separate window, or from Android itself.

From that window or tab you will be instructed to open Snapdrop on any other device to send or receive files. You just have to add what you want to send and wait for it to indicate that the transfer has been completed:

Six ways to transfer files between an Android phone and a computer

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Snapdrop from the mobile browser on Android

Once the file is uploaded, you just have to wait to receive the notification on the other device to accept the transfer. You can ignore or download the file and choose the folder where it will go to pay like any download from the browser.

Snapdrop Receive Files

If you click on the bell-shaped icon at the top right you can activate or deactivate notifications for the app at any time.

Snapdrop is an open source project that uses HTML5 / ES6 / CSS3, WebRTC, WebSockets, NodeJS, and Google's Material Design. Your code is available on GitHub and anyone can create their own app or host their own instance with docker.