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How to sell on WhatsApp and earn more money (2021)

Do you want to give your business a boost? Discover how you can sell your products on WhatsApp and thus get closer to millions of potential buyers.

WhatsApp continues to reinvent itself to offer its users toSomething more than a messaging platform, introducing new functions such as sending and receiving money or the cart, a tool with which you can buy directly on WhatsApp.

Like you can buy, in WhatsApp you can also sell the products of your store.

More than 2,000 million users regularly use this messaging network, a figure that highlights the great opportunity for your business the sale through WhatsApp.

If you have not yet joined this initiative, in this guide you can know what do you need to sell on WhatsApp, what steps should you follow to do it and the benefits it can bring you, as well as some tips on the online sales process.

Sell ​​by WhatsApp

Selling on WhatsApp can be an important boost for your business.

What do I need to sell on WhatsApp?

Buying on WhatsApp is an option that brings stores even closer to users who do not even have to leave the app to purchase products, but who is on the other side of the process?

Well You can play the role of the seller if you are a business owner and want to improve your sales. First of all, to sell on WhatsApp you need create a company profile on WhatsApp Business, the version of the messaging service aimed at businesses.

You can add a business description, business hours, address, website, and email to that account so potential buyers can quickly access that information.

Of course, you must also enter the business phone number, which we recommend that you be a private one that does not interfere with your personal phone number. When they want to contact you, users will see in the chat that it is a company profile.

Another requirement that you need to meet to sell on WhatsApp Business is upload a catalog with all products to the platform of your store and their information. Thus, by clicking on the cart, the user can see the catalog and decide what to buy. Later, you will receive a message with all the details of your order.

In short, what you need to sell on WhatsApp is to download WhatsApp Business, create a company profile for your business and add all information of the same so that users know what you offer them, what are the business hours or access the website to obtain more information.

What are the benefits of selling on WhatsApp?

First of all, and as we mentioned at the beginning, selling on WhatsApp is an incredible opportunity to boost your business due to the billions of users who use the platform. WhatsApp quickly and easily brings you closer to potential buyers, they only have to add the phone number of your business to start the purchase process.

Another benefit of selling on WhatsApp is that you can chat quietly with the buyer to give you all the information you need about the products before purchasing. Thus, a relationship will be created between you that will make it easier for the user to trust your store.

We cannot overlook the different functions that WhatsApp Business offers you, such as the possibility of configure welcome messages With which you can capture the customer's attention with a good first impression.

It is always positive to offer new ways of purchase to users, and WhatsApp is one of the best that you can turn to today. Further, it is a free tool, you do not have to invest anything to use their services to sell the products of your store there.

What do I have to do to sell my business on WhatsApp?

Step by step, we are going to see what is the process to follow in WhatsApp Business to create a company profile and sell with your business. It is a simple process, although you must pay attention not to get lost in any of its phases. We started!

Download WhatsApp Business on your mobile

The first thing you should do is download the WhatsApp Business application to your mobile, that business-focused tool that we have been talking about throughout the article.

We have already seen that it is in WhatsApp Business where you must manage everything related to your company, so download the free app for Android before continuing with the process to sell on WhatsApp. As a note of clarification, users do not have to have this version to purchase.

Create a company profile and add the information

When you first open WhatsApp Business, the app will ask you for a phone number with which you will register your company profile. We have already discussed that it is advisable to have a particular number for the business, that is the one you must use when creating your account.

Next, you must select a category for your business: hotel, clothing and accessories, beauty, cosmetics and personal care… If you cannot find the category of your store, you can use the superior search engine.

After clicking "Next", it will be time to enter the name of your business, a description of it and the address. Also, if you click on the upper circle, you can also add a profile image. All these details are important to provide information about your company to customers.

So you will have already created a profile for your business on WhatsApp Business, although there are still things to do if you want to sell on WhatsApp correctly.

Take advantage of all the features of WhatsApp Business

After creating your company profile, WhatsApp Business will invite you to explore these tools focused on improving your relationship with customers. You can also manage these settings from the section "Tools for the company" in your account settings.

Some of these functions are the configuration of a absent message, welcome message, quick responses, labels to organize chats and clients and the edition of your company profile, which you always have the possibility to modify.

Enter "Tools for the company" and discover one by one the interesting functions that WhatsApp Business has, all of them focused on improving your profile.

Add product catalog

One of the tools in the business version of the messaging platform is "Catalogue", which, as we have seen, is key to selling your products on WhatsApp.

Within "Tools for the company", click on "Catalog". Within this section, you must add your products with the button "Add article". In each of them you can add images, enter their name and, optionally, specify their price.

It can be an expensive job to add all the products that you sell in your business, but having a good catalog is essential for customers know the items you sell, their appearance and their price.

Talk to buyers and start selling

You have already configured your company profile in WhatsApp Business, it is time to start selling through the service. We remind you that you can not only do it through the mobile app, you can always use WhatsApp Web to chat with buyers from your PC.

3 tips to sell on WhatsApp

The technical part is already solved, now it is you who must manage your company profile well to reach the maximum number of clients possible. First of all, we advise you spread your business phone number, as this will be the one that allows buyers to contact you to buy from you through WhatsApp.

Second, you need to manage your conversations with customers well, treat them politely, and always answer all the doubts that they may have about your services and products. If you do, the buyer will trust you for future purchases.

Finally, we recommend keep your business catalog updated so that customers always see products that are actually available. It would not be positive for a buyer to ask you for an item and you have to refuse it because you haven't sold it for months.

In summary, everything consists of maintaining an updated company profile, which shows all the information that the buyer needs and, of course, offering the best possible treatment to the client through WhatsApp, since obviously we want you to return to our business in the future.