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How to return an Audible audiobook or exchange it for another

Audible gives you many options and one of them is to return a book or exchange it for another if you are not satisfied. We show you the steps to follow.

Reading a book will always be a good choice for education or simply for distraction. But, What if you don't have enough time to sit and read? Don't worry, you have an amazing option: the audiobooks.

Prefer to listening to books instead of reading them is a great idea, especially if time is not on your side or if you want to other activities while you expand your knowledge.

As it happens with the audiovisual content, you will need to have a mobile or computer to download the application. This time we want to tell you about Audible, the amazon app that allows you to buy audiobooks.

How to return an Audible book or exchange it for another

How to return an Audible book or exchange it for another

Best of all, you can return or exchange your Audible book if not what you expected! Read this article and find out what you can do with this amazon tool.

How to sign up for Audible?

Before talking about the return and exchange of books, you need to know what you must do to use the application correctly.

Of course the first step is download the app on your mobile or on your computer. Both versions of this application have their own characteristics, but, of course, they offer the same options.

At the moment you decide create your Audible account You have two alternatives: create an independent profile or use the same one from Amazon.

The second option is the most recommended if you buy regularly on the platform, as you can access from your main profile to get the Audible books.

How to sign up for Audible

Get your audiobook completely free with Audible

Once you have created and configured your account, you can enjoy it totally free for 30 days, to which are added two totally free books. Audible Original books are produced and edited by Amazon, so you can enjoy the company's own quality.

When this time elapses you should buy the membership of the application that has a value from $ 7.95 to $ 14.95. With it you can access and purchase all the books available on the platform and, in addition, they will give you a credit for buy the book you want, regardless of its price.

It should be noted, then, that the credits will not be given at the beginning of the month, but on the date on which you have to cancel your monthly payment. That is, if your date of renewal is the 15th of each month, that day is when you can enjoy your credit. You should also know that you can accumulate credits as the months go by, as long as they are not more than 6.

Can an audiobook be returned on Audible?

Well, let's say you chose the book you wanted, but for some reason it didn't turn out to be what you expected. If this is your case, we tell you that it has a solution: you can Return an Audiobook from Audible without major complications.

Best of all, you won't have to wait long for your money to be refunded, so you can buy another one almost immediately, as long as it is within 365 days after purchasing the product. Audible's policies are very clear on this.

How do I return an audiobook?

Now that you know that it is possible, we will tell you what you have to do to achieve a quick and easy returnYes, before starting the process you should make sure - as we mentioned before - not a year has passed since you bought the book. After this time, returns are not possible, so you must pay special attention to this aspect.

How do I return an audiobook

Here are the steps to take to return or exchange a book at Audible. Easy!

Enter the application

To start, we recommend open the app from the website. To do this you must enter the desktop, go to the app and click on your name, which will be in the top right of website.

Select purchase history

Once you are inside the application you must select the option "Account details" and, later, enter the "Shopping history" which will appear in the menu on the left.

Find the book you will return

The next step is simply to look for the book you will return. This process will be more or less long depending on the orders you have made, but you can choose the filters available in the app. To be more exact, you must select the option of the books you've bought in the last 356 days (which is the valid period of time to make the returns).

Make the return

The next option you should select is "Give back". Audible offers the ability to indicate the reasons for return, making this process even easier.

After doing comply with these simple steps, the only thing missing is that Audible make the refund so you can buy another book. As we mentioned, the platform replenish money almost immediately.

How can I exchange one audiobook for another?

Another option offered Audible Premium Plus is to exchange books, which is an ideal alternative if you want continue a story without having to spend more credits.

In fact, the platform emphasizes that this is the main reason for exchanging a book. In the event that this benefit is overused, “Audible could limit the number of exchanges and refunds to the user". He exchange process is similar to returns, especially in the speed of responses.

How can I exchange one audiobook for another

Exchanging an audiobook is an ideal alternative if you want to continue a story

Of course, in both cases (both returns and exchanges) it is mandatory that members are active.

In this sense, these options they will not be available to users who do not pay for their memberships or not keep them up to date. What will remain available are the books you have bought.

Now that you know the steps to return an Audible book or exchange it for another, you just need to put them into practice.

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