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How to respond to the Gmail prompt about enabling 'smart features'

Have you entered Gmail in the last hours, either from the browser or from the mobile app? Then it will probably have appeared to you a notice regarding the 'smart features' of this mail service, as well as Google Chats and Google Meet.

If you don't know which option to choose from among those offered, take a look at this short tutorial.

Why is Gmail asking us this?

What we are being asked to do is decide if we want to "allow the smart features of Gmail, Chat and Meet to use your data." This has nothing to do with activating new features, but with Google making sure that we agree to continue enjoying the current ones, because they allow us to personalize the services based on the content of our communications.

European regulations forces Google to stop offering these kinds of functions by default as of this month. In fact, any Google account that we create from now on, will have them disabled.

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What are we choosing?

These are the functions on which we must pronounce ourselves:

  • Automatic categorization and filtering of email (Main / Social / Promotions).

  • Smart compose (text suggestions) in email.

  • Summary cards on top of email messages (travel, shipment tracking ...).

  • Event information extraction to create calendar entries.

  • Wizard reminders about overdue invoices.

  • Viewing restaurant reservations on Maps.

  • Grouping of itineraries in Travel.

  • Viewing places of interest in Travel.

  • Viewing tickets, tickets and loyalty cards in Google Pay.

What option to choose, then? Well, it's simple: if you want to keep intact the way you used Gmail and the rest of the services until now, choose activate smart functions.


If, on the other hand, you consider your Privacy what aspects such as the automatic sorting of emails by categories, disable these features.


Do you want your Assistant or your Google Maps to be also smart?

If we choose to keep these features, a second screen will appear in which Google will give us the option to extend these smart functions to other services in its catalog (such as the Assistant, Google Maps, Google Travel, Google Pay ...) or if we prefer to disable these options in these other services:

other products

If we simply do not want to continue enjoying these options, we will have to select "Deactivate intelligent functions". If we choose to do so, Gmail will ask us on a second screen to reiterate our selection, listing the complete list of options that we renounce:

What if I regret it?

Settings 1

If you have already answered the notice, but you have regretted your choice, it is always possible to change it, both to activate and deactivate the 'smart functions'. We can do this from the 'Settings' of Gmail, in the option "Smart functions and personalization" (as well as in the "Smart functions and personalization") within the 'General' label:

Settings 2