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How to record calls natively on a Huawei mobile with EMUI

If you need to record calls on an Android mobile, the best thing that can happen to you is that the mobile has the option to do it in the phone application. Otherwise you will need to resort to apps to record calls that do not work very well from Android 9 Pie.

The good news is that EMUI has a native call recorder. The bad news is that Huawei eliminated it in EMUI 10, at least in the West. The best news is that it is possible to activate native call recording downloading the specific application adapted for the EMUI version. We tell you how.

Install the correct version for your mobile

EMUI is perfectly prepared to record calls using the phone app and the recorder app, although it is missing a key piece that is not pre-installed in the new terminals, a simple APK that activates the function.

On Huawei phones with EMUI 9.0, activating call recording was as easy as installing the APK recording, although until recently there was no version compatible with EMUI 10 or higher. The only solution was to go back to EMUI 9.0, install the APK and update to EMUI 10, which is not very practical.

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Luckily, there is now an easier way to activate it, as we have modified versions of the application for the main versions of EMUI today: EMUI 9.0, EMUI 10.0 and EMUI 10.1. At the moment, no news from EMUI 11. It is important that you install the correct version for your version of EMUIOtherwise it will not install or will install, but it will not work properly.

If you have doubts about which version of EMUI you have on your mobile, you can check it by opening the app Settings and entering the section About of the phone. There, just above Android version, you will find the data of EMUI version.

Call recorder

For the rest, all you need to do is install the application from its APK, which is usually a matter of a couple of taps. It is possible, yes, that you need first give permission so that it can install applications to the app you used to download the APK (for example, Google Chrome).

How to record a call with EMUI

After installing the previous APK, you will not notice anything new on your mobile until you make a call. Then one of the buttons that appears on the screen during the call will disappear to make room for the Record. When pressed, the call starts recording.

Record The phone app before (left) and after (right) installing the recording app

Therefore, when you want to start recording a call you must press the record button and press it again when you want to stop recording. You can start and stop a recording several times during a call and, in addition, hanging up automatically stops the recording.

How to record all calls with EMUI

If you prefer to configure the mobile so that record all calls On its own, you can do it after you've installed the previous APK. To do this, open the Phone application, tap on the menu button ⋮ and choose Settings. A menu that was not there before will appear: Automatically record calls.

Within this menu you have several related settings. For starters, there is a switch to activate the recording of all calls, although below you can change the option so that not all are recorded, but those of certain numbers. If you choose this option, you can select from which contacts you want to record all calls automatically.


By choosing this option, the call recording will be activated by itself, without you having to remember to press any button after picking up the phone.

Check recorded calls

When a recording ends, you are notified with a notification on your mobile. By tapping on it, you can see the recording result. Another way to do the same is to open the app Huawei Recorder, which comes pre-installed on the mobile. In it, tap on Calls to view the last calls that have been saved.


If for some reason you do not have the Recorder application on your mobile, the audio files with the recording are normally saved in the folder Sounds / CallRecord of the internal storage of the mobile and with m4a format.