How to navigate faster in Google Chrome on Android using gestures

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers for Android, in addition to being pre-installed on the vast majority of mobiles. Its use is quite simple, although it hides the odd trick to navigate faster using gestures.

Some of these gestures have been in Chrome for so long that you've most likely come across them before, but others have been added relatively recently. Here you will find the definitive list with all gestures and shortcuts available in Google Chrome on Android.

Refresh the page

This gesture is so popular that the weirdest thing would be if you are not using it anymore when you need to refresh current page, and it is much faster than the traditional mode, which would involve opening the menu and pressing the refresh button.

Tricks for Chrome on Android: get the most out of your mobile browser

The gesture is as simple as slide down on an open page until a refresh icon ↻ appears. When it appears, lift your finger from the mobile and the web page that was open will refresh, the equivalent of pressing F5 in a desktop browser.

Go back

If instead of sliding down, you slide to the right, an arrow icon pointing left will be displayed. When you release your finger while the arrow is displayed, the browser will return to the previous page. That is, it serves to go back in history.

Go forward

Similarly, if you slide from your finger toward the left On an open web page, an arrow icon pointing to the right will be displayed. When you release your finger, you go forward in your browsing history. This arrow only appears when you have a page to go "forward" to, that is, if you went back in the navigation before.

Switch to other open tabs

One of the most useful gestures allows you toggle between open tabs without having to go through the tab view. It is very useful if you have few tabs open and you need to switch from one to another quickly.

To switch between the open tabs you must swipe left or right in the address bar, the top of the browser. If you have tabs open in normal mode and in incognito mode, this gesture only toggles between the open tabs in the mode you are currently in.

Tab view

If you need to see the open tabs you have at the moment, you have two options: press the square button that indicates the number of open tabs, or make a gesture. The gesture is as simple as swipe down from address bar.

One-touch menu options

It is debatable that it is a gesture, but without a doubt it is a shortcut. A slightly quicker way to access a Google Chrome menu option is not to press the menu button ⋮, but slide down and release your finger when the menu option is selected what do you want.

Quick menu

Another relatively unknown shortcut appears when making a long press on the back button, which opens a small menu in which at the moment there are two options: open a new tab or show the complete history.

Another quick menu

Similarly, if you do a long tap on open tabs button from Google Chrome, you are shown another useful quick menu. There are three options here: close tab, new tab, and new incognito tab.

Close open tabs

Another way to close tabs, and which is quite useful if you have many tabs open, is from the open tabs view. In her, swipe a tab preview to the side until it disappears and will close. You have a few seconds to undo the closing, in case you made a mistake.

Eyelash twist

This last gesture it's totally useless, beyond entertaining you for a while as a fidget spinner virtual. From the lash preview, if you insist on swiping up, after about three or four tries the lashes will flip through the air. Why? Because if.