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How to make Telegram use the SD card instead of the internal mobile storage

Having a mobile phone with a memory card is very useful to free up space in your mobile storage. Although few applications take advantage of SD memory and still exclusively use internal storage, Telegram includes the option to use the MicroSD since its last update.

This option is disabled at the factory, so if you want Telegram to use the memory card to save the cache of your chats, you must activate it in the settings. Thus, it doesn't matter how much storage space Telegram uses: it will not fill the internal memory of the mobile.

Make Telegram use the mobile's microSD

Telegram is probably the messaging application with the greatest number of options. This also applies to storage options, in which you can precisely configure how much data do you want it to store locally on the mobile.

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To this day, Telegram continues to store all the data, free and unlimited, on its own servers, but downloads to the mobile those elements such as photos, videos or stickers that appear in a chat, as a cache, so that they are not had to re-download each time. In the Telegram settings you could configure how long the cache was kept, and now you can also configure where the cache is kept: in the internal memory, as before, or on the microSD card.

Changing the setting is very easy. First, you must open the Telegram settings and enter Data and storage. Then touch on Storage path and choose the MicroSD memory. Note that sometimes the MicroSD card does not appear with its name, but with the name of the partition, which can be somewhat cryptic. If this is your first time adjusting this, simply choose the option that is not already selected.

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From that moment, Telegram will start saving the cache in the MicroSD memory instead of in the internal storage of the mobile. If you use Telegram frequently and frequent groups where many photos or videos are shared, this setting can free up several megabytes of storage space on your mobile, although in return it will occupy space in your microSD memory.