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How to know the refresh rate of your mobile in real time

The refresh rate has become one of the main specifications of mobile phones, both in the mid-range and in the higher ranges. 90 and 120 Hz are here to stay, and even economic proposals already enjoy panels that provide a more fluid experience.

However, high refresh rates are often adaptive, so we cannot be enjoying them at all times. We are going to show you how you can know in real time how many hertz the screen of your mobile is refreshing at, something that will also help you understand how this technology works.

Display Checker

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Display Checker is a completely free application with very little advertising (it only has a lower banner) that shows us information about the screen. Resolution, supported technologies, density and, what interests us most in this tutorial: the refresh rate that it supports and the values ​​in which it oscillates.

This app shows in real time how many hertz the screen of your mobile is refreshing at

The magic of this application is that we can activate a warning in real time to see how much our screen is refreshing. The hertz at which the panel operates will be displayed numerically, and you can even choose where this warning will be displayed on the screen.

As usual, displays activate maximum refresh rate when touched, and they go down in value when we are viewing static content. Depending on the mobile, it can go down to more or less Hertz, making it an interesting application to understand how our screen is working in real time.

Display Checker

Display Checker