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How to install widgets for the Windows 10 game bar that allow streaming, overclocking, and more

The game bar in Windows 10 is an excellent complement when playing on the computer. It offers from a simple and fast way to monitor your system without having to leave the current game, but it offers many additional options.

During 2020 it received multiple updates, and now it not only has its own task manager to kill annoying processes that consume resources while you play, but they have added one third-party widget store to extend its functions.

Install third-party widgets for the game bar

Until recently the game bar only had a limited set of widgets that were provided by Microsoft itself with Windows 10 updates, but now there is a whole add-on store just for it.

Game Bar Windows 10

Widgets Store for Game Bar in Windows 10

That store is in beta and relatively "hidden" in the bar options. However, it is very easy to find and use. Just make sure you have Windows 10 updated to the latest version and then hit the Windows key + G to open the game bar.

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This can be done from a game or from the Windows desktop, it doesn't matter when, that shortcut always brings the game bar interface to the front. The next thing is to click on the button with four horizontal stripes in the main menu at the top and in the middle of the bar.

That opens the Widget menu, navigate to the bottom and click "Widget Store (beta)"and you will see a new window with the list of different widgets available. The offer is not huge, but it has been growing over time and there are several very interesting things.


For example, XSplit Game Bar HUD and Gamecaster They are used to control your streams to Facebook, YouTube or Twitch directly from the game bar. It offers multiple widgets for chat, to see your own stream in a mini window, to follow subscribers and followers, all without having to leave the game.

Others like EVGA Precision for Game Bar They are used to monitor and overclock EVGA graphics directly from the game bar. Is also Razer Cortex to optimize the performance of your games in one click,

You get some special widgets for some specific games, like the Ghost for Destiny, or the Companion for Valorant. And there are even things like clocks and note widgets. There is much that can be done.