How to hide your WhatsApp profile picture from a single contact

WhatsApp allows you to hide your profile picture from all contacts, but what if you only want to hide it from a single contact? With this trick you can do it easily.

WhatsApp has notably improved privacy and security related features in recent years, for example, with two-step verification.

However, there are tools that still lack useful options for users. We refer to the hiding profile picture, because you can only choose between three alternatives: show it to all users, only to saved contacts or to no one.

All is not lost in this case, since there is a simple trick that allows you hide your WhatsApp profile picture from a single contact. This way, you can get even more selective about the users who see your personal information.

In the following lines, we explain what you should do to hide your WhatsApp profile photo from a single person and, finally, we remind you how to hide that image from everyone the users of the social network.

Hide WhatsApp profile picture

With a simple trick it is possible to hide the WhatsApp profile photo from a single contact.

Hide WhatsApp photo from individual contacts

WhatsApp does not offer the possibility of creating a kind of "black list" in which you can add exceptions when showing your profile picture to users.

To create that list, we must resort to a simple trick found by computer scientist Chema Alonso in The side of evil.

Investigating a security flaw in iPhone, Alonso has discovered that it is possible to hide the WhatsApp profile photo from a single contact.

In this way, you can configure your profile photo to be seen by all users of the platform or your contacts, but with the option to always put limits to whom you want.

As this computer scientist clearly clarifies, this trick hides the profile photo from the other user, but does not prevent him from talking to you, that is, it does not have the same consequences as blocking a contact on WhatsApp.

Although it is not a function provided by WhatsApp, you can use it to expand the options by hiding your profile photo. We have tried this trick on Android, and we can confirm it works successfully.

Without further ado, we will tell you step by step how hide your WhatsApp profile picture from a single contact.

Enter your contact list

This trick is carried out from the Contacts app on your mobile, not from the WhatsApp application. It is in the agenda where you must apply the change that will hide your profile photo from the contact.

Search for the contact and enter the edit screen

The next thing you should do is find the contact that you do not want to "gossip" your profile picture. When you find it click on it to access the complete information about it.

After, click on the edit icon to change the phone number of the contact, usually represented by a pencil icon.

Edit phone number

Access the phone number edit screen.

Write # 31 # before the phone number

This trick consists of write code # 31 # before of the phone number, the same prefix used to call with a hidden number.

Therefore, what you should do is write the telephone number of the contact with the prefix code # 31 # in front and save it in the agenda.

Hide profile picture from WhatsApp contact

Enter the code in front of the number and save the contact.

And that's it, you don't have to do anything else to hide your profile picture from a single WhatsApp contact. As we have verified, saving the telephone number with this code in front is enough for the user cannot see your image, but yes send you messages.

Easy right? If there are several contacts to whom you want to block the display of your profile photo, you must repeat this process with each of them, although you have already seen that it only takes a few seconds.

How to hide your profile picture from everyone

In case you want to hide your profile picture from all WhatsApp users, just make use of the function that the messaging platform makes available to you.

The steps to hide your profile picture from all users, included to your contacts, are the following:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Click on the three-dot button in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on "Settings" in the options menu.
  4. Access the section "Bill".
  5. Click on the section "Privacy".
  6. Now, click on the option "Profile picture".
  7. Choose "Nobody" so that no WhatsApp user can see your profile picture.

With both the trick and the function offered by WhatsApp, you can configure your account to be everything private that you want.

We remind you that, in addition, in WhatsApp you can also hide last connection time, hide photos and videos in gallery and even hide contacts and chats.

With all these tools at your disposal, you are the one who choose the contacts that access your personal information and those that don't.