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How to get a link of any photograph on your Android phone

Every time we take a picture with the mobile, it stores it in the internal memory. We can share it on social networks, by email and others, but sometimes we may need a direct link to that photo.

For example, when we want to upload the photograph to a forum that does not allow easy insertion, for work reasons or any other reason. One of the fastest services to do this is Imgur, but its application is quite slow and somewhat tedious. We are going to give you some alternatives so that you can have your photo link in a matter of seconds.

Quickimgur, links to your photos in seconds


Quickimgur allows us to obtain imgur links to our photographs, much faster than the official application itself. It has a 4.5 star rating and a good number of downloads. Its operation could not be easier, since we only have to open the app and upload the photo.

Once we have uploaded it give us the photo link And, best of all, it will be saved so that we can recover the link in a matter of seconds whenever we want. We just have to click on the photo so that the link is automatically copied again.

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If we do not want the image to continue uploaded to imgur, we can delete it from the application, so both the link and the photo will be removed. If you have a blog, you like to browse forums and other pages of this style, having a quick tool to get links to your photos can be very convenient.