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How to connect your Android to a PC without installing anything with WebADB

It is no longer a matter of experts to connect an Android mobile with ADB, because this simple 'webapp' will allow you to do it directly and without installing drivers or other applications.

It's 2020 (almost 2021) and practically nobody talks about root on Android mobiles, perhaps because users are not so interested anymore or simply because the platform has matured and having superuser permissions no longer contributes as much as I did before when it was time to get mods, new features or better optimization.

In any case, must-have tools like ADB -the Android Debug Bridge- that many of us knew rooting our mobiles are still here, with us, and They are still very useful and functional when it comes to taking advantage of our mobile, so perhaps it is time to review its basic commands and how to install its drivers and applications on our PCs.

Or not, because the truth is that you can use ADB without being an expert and without installing anything on your computer, simply using a webapp as powerful as WebADB, which, as the colleagues of xda-developers shared, will allow you access basic tools directly and from a browser window Internet from your PC ... Let's see how this works!

Root on Android

You no longer have to be an IT machine to connect to an Android mobile with ADB.

So you can connect your Android with ADB from a web browser and without installing anything

Well yes, forget the platform-tools of the Android SDK and the (sometimes) complex driver installation is possible thanks to this development that integrates an ADB server in a web page, running without any problem in a window of Google Chrome, Brave or Microsoft Edge, among others.

What is this like? Well, just load the page we indicated,, connect your mobile via USB or even WiFi to your computer, and access your usual tools directly, without further complications and with all the basic options available, from capture the mobile screen or control the device itself, to send and receive files or install APKs.

WebADB, a simple 'webapp' to connect to your Android mobile without installing anything.

WebADB is a simple 'webapp' to connect to your Android mobile without installing anything.

Using it is very simple, almost that now it becomes a child's game in which the most complicated thing is to activate the developer options on your mobile and enable the 'USB debugging'... But let's go over the process!

  1. Activate developer mode on your smartphone. To do this, just press ten times on the 'Build number' in the software information available in the settings.
  2. Enable the 'USB debugging' accessing the new developer menu that will have been activated, looking for the option and clicking on the selector.
  3. Connect the mobile to the computer via USB, accept the requested debugging and keep the device on.
  4. You can also use the menu 'ADB over WiFi' in WebADB if you want to connect the mobile wirelessly.
  5. Load the WebADB page and access the application using the button 'Start'.
  6. Click on _'Add device 'and follow the requested options (accepting the password on the mobile is essential).
  7. make click on the button 'Connect' and you will already have WebADB enabled to use the tools.

All available functionalities are in the menu on the left, so it is about activating the ones you need at all times, with the possibility of obviously opening a shell interactive, or a command window if you prefer to call it that, to send instructions to the mobile. Just in case, here you have again the most common ones for what you need.

Its ease of use is almost surprising, and also it is compatible with practically all Android devices, so we encourage you to try it because the truth is that it is a very powerful tool. Also, if you have a problem in xda-developers there is even a dedicated sub-forum in case you have questions. Here you can also find the app code on GitHub in case you want to play even more.