How to connect a PS5 controller to your Android mobile

Are you lucky enough to have a PlayStation 5 and want take advantage of the DualSense remote with your Android mobile? Well, you can do it: we show you how to pair this remote with the phone using a Bluetooth connection. This way you will have the option to control your mobile games in a much more comfortable way.

The PS5 would be one of the holiday gifts if the stock was enough to satisfy the demand. Even so, there are many lucky ones who already have it at home; a console that comes together with a completely renewed control: the DualSense. Like its predecessors, the PlayStation 5 controller can work on other devices as a generic controller: they just have a Bluetooth connection. Since your Android mobile has it, do you want to take advantage of the PS5 controller to control the games on your smartphone?

Link the DualSense via Bluetooth and it will be available on Android

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Sony does not prevent the use of the PlayStation 5 controller as a generic game controller: a minute is enough to have it synchronized with the phone or tablet. It's a simple process, the controller works with all compatible Android games and, above all, you can also use your PlayStation 5 remotely thanks to the use of the PS Remote Play app.

How to play your PlayStation 5 from mobile, Android or iOS

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How to play your PlayStation 5 from mobile, Android or iOS

To add the PS5 controller to an Android device, do the following:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your Android and search for new devices to connect to.

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  • Press the capture button on the controller (to the left of the touchpad) and the PS button (the middle one). Keep them tight.

  • After a few seconds the DualSense will blink blue: Bluetooth pairing mode has been activated.

  • The PS5 controller will appear as'Wireless controller'when searching for Bluetooth devices. Click on it and accept the synchronization.

  • In case you want to reconnect the controller to the PS5, just plug the DualSense into the console using a USB C cable.

Ps5 Android controller

Once paired the PlayStation 5 DualSense will behave like an ordinary physical controller: you can use it as such in all those games that are compatible with a controller. It is also suitable for use in conjunction with Google Stadia, Microsoft Game Pass or Nvidia GeForce Now; in addition to having remote access to the PlayStation 5 thanks to the PS Remote Play app.