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how to check prize-winning tenths and numbers online

As every year, December 22 brings us the Christmas Lottery. In it, millions of Spaniards put their hope in two drums to win up to four million euros for the complete series and 400,000 euros per tenth. The Royal Theater of Madrid and the boys and girls of San Ildefonso are prom dresses for the occasion, although this year there will be no applause from the public.

The ideal is to be following the event live, and more so in this 2020, to see if the tides of luck change, but being so long, the normal thing is not being able to see it whole, although it is broadcast on thousands of websites, televisions and radios. Therefore, to see if you have won the El Gordo, which would be the ideal, or any prize, from the second to the stone, through a simple refund.

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How to check prize winners online

If, as we said, you have not followed the event live, you can check your tenth on all these dedicated web pages to the Christmas Lottery that today works at full capacity. Let's review some cases.

The official website

Official Web

The Christmas Lottery is part of State Lotteries and Betting, so its website, available all year round and dressed for the occasion, can check all the numbers. Input, all winning numbers are shown, but if you are not lucky enough to be one of those who have won such a big prize, you can go to the "Check your tenth" section doing a little scroll.

Check Decimo

  • You can access the official website here.

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Unofficial websites

In addition to the official website, there are many websites that take the database of the Christmas Lottery 2020 prizes and that also allow you to know if, at least, your tenth gives you the refund.

Christmas Lottery 2020

Radio Televisión Española has a website dedicated to checking numbers for the Christmas Lottery 2020. As in the other cases, ask you to enter the number of the tenth and the amount you have invested in it (if it is two tenths, it would be € 40). You can access from this link.

Christmas lottery It also has a space dedicated to checking tickets. They wish you luck, they have a widget to enter number and amount. You have to wait until the end of the day to see if he has played, because if the hype has not stopped spinning, he throws a "So far he has not had luck". You can access from this link.

Online newspapers

Lottery 2020

The day after the Christmas Lottery, on December 23, it is common for all the printed newspapers to dedicate a great chronicle and infographics that report on the winning numbers. But also, the online versions of the generalists offer a lot of information in real time and they add widgets with which to check if the tickets you have bought have their prize.

Luck and Merry Christmas.