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Half of the wearables sold in the world are from Apple or Xiaomi

The wearables market grows unstoppable with Apple and Xiaomi in the lead.

In addition to smartphones, one of the technological products that are sold the most and that has the greatest popularity among consumers. They are called wearables.

Smart watches and activity bracelets are the most desired gadgets and despite the fact that there are many brands that market these types of devices, two are the firms that lead this market. Guess which ones?

Apple and Xiaomi reign in the wearables market

Synchronize Mi Band 4 screens

The Xiaomi Mi Band is one of the best-selling wearables in the world

The analyst firm IDC has published the sales figures of wearables worldwide in the third quarter of 2020 and the truth is that the numbers are not bad.

The total? 125 million units of wearables sold worldwide, 35% more than the same period last year and all this despite the economic crisis we have suffered this year.

How could it be otherwise, Apple is the leading brand in this sector with a 33% market share. The Apple Watch is a somewhat “expensive” device but there is no doubt that it is the best smartwatch on the market or at least that is what most consumers think. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch only gets the most out of it with an iOS phone, so if you have an Android, better look for an alternative like the Huawei Watch GT 2e.

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Apple and Xiaomi dominate the werables market

In second place is Xiaomi. The Chinese firm has not only positioned itself as the third largest brand in the world it is the second firm with the market share of wearables in the world.

While Xiaomi has several wearables in its catalog, possibly the most popular product is the Xiaomi Mi Band, an activity bracelet for less than 30 euros that has nothing to envy to other much more expensive devices. Is the Xiaomi Mi Band the best wearable on the market? It is not unreasonable to assure it.

In another vein, IDC also recognized that the sales of wearables are not going to stay that way but that it will be a growing market since more and more consumers are betting on this technology, and is that for example, the growth of wearables from Huawei has been somewhat stratospheric.