its creator now works for Google

Groobe is a "music diary" for those who need to keep track of their music away from streaming platforms

A few days ago Spotify revealed which have been the most played artists and songs of 2020, and the reality is that we have got used very quickly to having platforms where millions of records are within the reach of a click.

This gigantic amount can overwhelm us, and many times it could be a bit complicated keep track of the songs or records we have listened to or make collections.

Collections outside of Spotify

Groobe is a free service that wants to be our "music diary", in which we "experience music in a different way". Also, it can be an ideal service for those who do not use streaming platforms but they want to keep an interactive record of what they have heard.

Once we have created the account, we can start creating collections in which to add disks. In the side bar we will find a search engine in which to add discs to the collection that we have created:


We can share these collections with other people, even if they do not use the service, in the same way that we can see those created by other users. Hector de Luna, the Mexican developer behind this project, states that he created this website because "he wanted to create a separate space for his music":

"I don't like mixing music on streaming services, so I created this web app that allows you to save any album that you would like to listen to later."

In the "Explore" tab we can see some of the latest releases or popular albums this month. Just below we will find reviews published by other users of this platform.

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As we can see, it is a very simple platform, but it can help ororganize mixtapes, record collections, plan parties, all in a visual way and that can be easily shared with others.