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Grasshoper, the Google application to learn JavaScript on your mobile, is now in Spanish

Grasshopper is an application that we talked about for a long time. Available on iOS and Android, it is a tool designed to teach programming in a fun way that is attractive to the little ones in the house. An app that now solves some of the handicaps that I had, by offer support to Spanish, although it is from Latin America and the United States.

The objective of Grasshoper is to teach to program in JavaScript but also in a playful environment. Is about bring to the world of programming anyone who has an interest And now, the absence of Spanish will not be an excuse not to start testing its possibilities.

Learn JavaScript by playing


Grasshopper will teach you JavaScript while playing with Grasshoper, the grasshopper that gives it its name and who will accompany you during your learning journey. And after being available only in English, now Google announces that the application already has support for Spanish as one more language.

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After a short questionnaire to determine our abilities, everything is to start moving by its possibilities, also taking into account that it is a development designed to teach the little ones at home.


Grasshopper has different stages in which you must solve puzzles and answer questions and the way to move forward will be to use logical concepts of JavaScript programming. To fulfill each of the objectives of the game, we must give the necessary instructions to the grasshopper to draw the required squares.


Depending on the progress, challenges and objectives win in difficulty and based on those that we overcome, we will earn achievements. It is not programming in code, but what Grasshoper does do is provide the user with the necessary fundamentals so that you can expand knowledge, supported by the educational material that the developers themselves offer in the game.


Grasshopper can be downloaded in Spanish from the Google Play Store, although by default it appears in English and you must change the language settings in the configuration section.


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