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Google tells you which coronavirus vaccines are near you and adds information on each vaccine

With the launch of mass vaccination in the United Kingdom, and in view of the next campaigns in the rest of the countries, Google has added information on the vaccines available in searches related to the coronavirus. From now on, and starting in the UK, Google will show which vaccines are administered nearby with scientific information on each vaccine.

We are a few weeks away from the end of the year and we all know what will be the news that will star in the relevant summaries: the Covid-19 pandemic. Lockdowns, social restrictions, business closings and what's coming: vaccination. In this last point, and since there are several vaccines that will be distributed among the countries, the new Google is very useful: the search engine adds data from nearby available vaccines.

Not sure what vaccines are administered near you? Google tells you

The idea of ​​Google is to complete the wide range of verified information that it offers in all searches that are carried out around the pandemic. Since I already had contagion data, tips to prevent it and reliable news, the inclusion of available vaccines will help those who wish to protect themselves against Covid-19.

Europe already has a scheduled date to approve the first vaccines against the coronavirus: if all goes well, it will be possible to start vaccinating in January with those of Pfizer and Moderna

As the United Kingdom was the first country to initiate a massive vaccination campaign against Covid-19, it was also there that Google began its reinforcement of disease content with vaccination data. All those who carry out related searches, and are in an area where vaccines are administered, will have the data with the vaccines that are administered near them as well as the information about the vaccines themselves.

In the form of a card, and located in the first position of the search engine, Google will include all the details of the nearby vaccines so that the user is well informed of how their location is proceeding.

Google vaccines

As we said, Google has included the data on vaccines in the United Kingdom, although it will expand the information as the rest of the countries start their campaigns.

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