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Google Play will allow you to send applications without Wi-Fi or data, with 'Nearby Share'

The Google Play code revealed to us in September that it was coming and now Google has made it official in the same blog post announcing more combinations of emoji and Voice Access for "everyone": Google Play will let you send applications with Nearby Share.

There are several ways to share an application with a friend: sending the download link, sending the APK file or, Google's preferred system, sending the application with Share with Nearby in a similar way to how the Google Files system works. No additional app will be required soon: it can be done from Google Play.

Share apps from Google Play with Nearby

Google Play has allowed you to share applications since the beginning of time through the Android share button, which, by the way, is quite hidden. The difference is that the only thing that this button does is send the application link on Google Play to a chat in a messaging application such as WhatsApp, SMS or mail. The new system will send the entire application.

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This change has now been officially announced by Google as available in the next few weeks, and it has the advantage that you can share entire apps without internet connection, using the system of Share from Nearby or Nearby Share.


The downside is that you can only share the applications with nearby devices, although the system is very simple. From the view of My apps and games, you must use the Share applications menu to select those you want to share.

Then it is the turn of Share with Nearby, where you must connect to the nearby device (and it must accept the transfer). The advantage of this system compared to sending the traditional APK is that the apps installed in this way are installed and behave like those installed by Google Play, in addition to being protected by Google Play Protect.

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