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Google Play begins to show notices recommending that we install COVID Radar

Radar COVID is one of the apps of the year. This is the application to communicate possible positives and to be alert to possible contacts with them, so both the Government and the health authorities recommend its installation.

It is a free app, without advertising and that promises not to collect our data. If we don't have it installed, Google Play will begin to show us a notice as soon as we enter, recommending its installation. We have done the test and even if we had it already installed and we have uninstalled it voluntarily, this notice will appear again.

"No one knew how to give me the code", Radar COVID Chaos: Codes Not Coming, Delayed Notifications, and Much Work to Do

Google Play insists we install COVID Radar

Screenshot 20201224 094433 Google Play Store

Radar COVID has been with us for a few months, ranking among the most downloaded apps in our country. However, Google is highlighting it even more so that those users who have not installed it, consider doing so. We have verified on several mobiles that, when opening the Play Store, it shows us a warning recommending that we install Radar COVID.

The notice is not too intrusive, as It only shows two options: to install it now or decline the invitation. With giving now no the notice will not come out again, so it won't bother you every time we open the app store.

It is striking that, if we had COVID Radar already installed (something that is registered in Google Play) and we uninstalled it, the notice will appear, even though we have uninstalled the application of our own free will.