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Google Play adds a minigame to entertain you when you go offline

Google Play is starting to show some users a new minigame similar to Google Chrome's Dino Run or the newer Google minigame. Like these, it is a simple game to entertain you when you have no internet connection.

Google Play is the company's latest application to incorporate a minigame like an Easter egg. This time, it's a simple game where you control a balloon on his way, collecting coins and avoiding skewers.

New easter egg on Google Play


In March, we discovered that Google was preparing a new minigame on Google Play, and we could even see it running. Since then, nothing else was known about it until now, when said minigame was is finally starting to show users, approximately nine months later.

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This minigame looks exactly the same as when we first saw it, although we now know exactly how it activates: appears when you go offline on Google Play, at which point the Google store suggests you play something while you wait for connectivity to return. In this video you can see it in operation.


The game itself is quite simple, because all you have to do is move the balloon from one side to the other to reco-collect coins and dodge spiked blocks. The goal is to get the highest score possible, which is displayed in a corner.

The Google Play minigame completes the easter egg trilogy when you go offline: in Google Chrome there is Dino Run, the dinosaur game; There is a Flappy Bird clone on Google and Hot Air Balloon, the official name of this new minigame, is now released on Google Play.

Via | Android Police