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Google Photos chooses the best memories of 2020 in an automated album

The Google Photos app has started to display a new scrapbook with the best of 2020. Images chosen by the platform that appear in the form of Featured Story at the top of the app.

Google Photos is an application that dismisses 2020 full of controversy due to the most recent change: the platform will stop offering unlimited accommodation for images opting for limit the space to which each user has contracted (or the 15 GB that Google grants to each account). Despite this setback, Photos has decided to offer a small candy in the form of a summary of 2020. And it can already be consulted in some accounts.

The best memories of 2020 in album form

Google Photos 2020 Summary Screenshots of 9to5Google

'A year in review', this is the title of the album that has started to appear in the Photos application of some US users. As is often the case with Google, We do not know if said album will remain only in that country or it will be expanded to mobile phones in the rest of the territories. Let's hope so, since this automated album is extremely curious, also endearing.

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The new album of memories that has started to appear in the application offers a selection of images automatically chosen by Google Photos Artificial Intelligence. Like the rest of automated Stories, 'A year in review' allows you to advance the memories by pressing on the right edge of the screen, also going back by simply pressing on the opposite side (and pause by pressing in the center). The 2020 summary can be saved and the sharing option is also enabled. It's a great way to put into perspective all the good that 2020 has left, that not everything is a pandemic.

To see if Google Photos has activated your 2020 summary, just open the application, make sure you are in the 'Photos' section (see the bottom menu) and check what appears in your memories, right at the top of the screen. Click on the card to see all the moments selected by Google Photos.

Via | 9to5Google