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Google News Showcase will allow free access to news under paywall

In summer, Google announced that its Google News Initiative or Digital News Initiative had been the first step in its strategy to help the media, but that before the end of the year it would launch a news platform where it could have its content. The Mountain View company is already paying with a licensing program for the news.

The name of the new program is Google News Showcase. It is already available in countries such as Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, France, the United Kingdom and Australia, and the company has just announced that it will pay the media participating in Showcase to provide limited access to content under paywall. Users, yes, will have to register on the websites of the different media, according to Google.

News Showcase already has 400 affiliated media in the countries where it is available


This is how Google explained it in [el comunicado](

We will soon begin offering people access to paid content in partnership with select news publishers. Paywalls are a critical part of some media's income strategies. To support that goal, we will pay participating partners to provide limited access to paid content to News Showcase users. In return, users will register with the medium, providing a way for you to build a relationship with readers.

Google has communicated that there are more media joining the News Showcase, such as Le Monde, Courrier International, L'Obs, Le Figaro, Libération and L'Express in France, and Página12, La Gaceta and El Día in Argentina. In total, it already has more than 400. The platform is allowing the media to reach new audiences, as Peter Neumann, from a German medium, recounts: "The product has opened new target groups for our journalism, reaching a younger audience that reads our news offerings more frequently and actively than others".

More and more media are going to the paywall in Spain, the big question is whether there will be subscribers for everyone

In Spain, at the moment, we do not have the platform, and Google Discover is facing a lawsuit from CEDRO for 1.1 million euros in copyright. Here the controversial Canon AEDE or the original Google Rate is still in force (not to be confused with the 3% tax on large technology companies), which has already led to Google closing Google News in Spain. The AEDE canon has been a failureFrom wanting to raise 80 million, it has gone on to enter only 10,000 euros a year. We will have to wait and see if the lawsuit between CEDRO and Google does not take us further away from Google's news platforms.

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