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Google Maps will renew the routes tab as a centralized place for your frequent routes

Among the novelties announced "for the winter" of Google, such as sending apps on Google Play, more combinations of emojis or Google Voice Access for "everyone" is a new change in the tabs of Google Play. The route will disappear to make way for the Go tab, or Go, in English.

This change is not only in name, but Google plans to centralize all frequent trips so you can easily start navigating to them, whereas until now the trips tab only included information about the routes to work or home.

Frequent routes, close at hand


Just as Google Maps has an exclusive tab for all saved sites, it will soon have another one for the most frequent routes. It will replace the previous journey tab focused on going home and to work, being a centralized place where consult the routes that you mark as favorites.

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Basically on the tab Go you will have a list with basic information about the routes to work, home and any other route that you bookmark to be displayed in the list. Then, by tapping on said route, you will be able to see it on the map according to current traffic conditions and / or start navigating to it.


That is, you can add the route to work, school, the supermarket, the gym or any other place to start browsing more quickly and receiving updated information at that time, for example, based on how long the bus will take to arrive, in addition to being able to save the routes for the same place, but with different means of transport.

Google tells us that In the next weeks we should start to see in Google Maps on the mobile how the old route tab of the application becomes the new tab Go (or however it is finally translated).

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