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Google Maps announces important changes that will change your relationship with the app

The maps app looks more like a social network.

We have talked a lot in recent months about the changes implemented in Google Maps, either for new features such as the actual influx, the inclusion of the travel tab or a complete service that is very useful in times like coronavirus mode.

With all these changes it is obvious that Google Maps is no longer a mere navigation application to give way to a large grouping of services around location and social interaction.

Precisely in reference to the social part, the last change introduced in the Google app turns. From now on inside it we can enjoy a news service regarding recent local events, reviews, store openings, or the emergence of new businesses. Google has called all this, Community feed.

What is and how does the Community Feed work?

google maps community feed

This is how the Community Feed looks like.

The Community Feed replaces the Explore tab that until now was at the bottom of Maps. Well the tab name will remain the same, but instead of getting a list of nearby restaurants and places to visit, Events related to these places and information such as reviews or new dishes from a menu will appear.

Actually, the Community Feed is an extension of the Updates tab but with new data that could be of interest to the user. In addition, the “social network conversion” of Google Maps does not end here, as a Like button for readers to indicate whether or not the information is relevant to them.

This new feature is in implementation And if it's not available on your device yet, we don't think it will take too long to do so.