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Google is experimenting with enabling dark mode on its results page

For some time now, 'dark mode' has been a feature highly demanded by users, both on mobile and desktop and, with increasing frequency, software developers are giving in to their wishes and implementing it in their applications.

But, in Google's case, only a handful of its main web pages support a dark mode on its desktop version: YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube TV or Google Keep ... And that, despite the fact that in the last year it has implemented this mode in most of its mobile apps.

Google has started its A / B testing

But now Google has started testing aimed at implementing dark mode in the desktop version of your browser; or at least on your results page, since the initial one would continue to maintain the traditional white background in all cases.

For these tests, Google is resorting to type A / B experiments, that is, based on randomly display the two page templates (the traditional and the dark mode), and evaluate the response of users to them.

So you can force the websites to be viewed with 'dark mode' in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Those users who have been immersed in this test have been able to check what other changes it includes (in addition to the one related to the background color); thus, the four-color elements such as the logo or icons under the search bar, have become white and blue respectively.

For now, the number of users who admit to having viewed one of these Google results pages in dark mode (and without the participation of extensions) is very limited, although some have already posted proofs on forums like Reddit.

If this dark mode remains a mere experiment or if Google ends up implementing it in its search engine it will depend on the reactions of the users who manage to collect in the coming weeks, from which they will be able to deduce the degree of acceptance of this aesthetic novelty.

Via | 9to5Google