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Google includes ARCore in the app to make it easier to capture photos

Street View now allows the upload of content from mobiles without a camera in 360º: Google has opened the creation of photos to any Android compatible with ARCore's augmented reality. At the moment the climb is limited to some territories.

Until now it was possible to upload your own photos to Google Street View from the application, although such uploading was restricted to owners of a camera with 360º capture, same format used by street view cars. That changes with the latest update of the app since now anyone with an ARCore-compatible mobile can 'map' their street and upload the photos to the Google platform. That the car does not pass through your neighborhood? Soon you will be able to upload the photos.

Anyone can contribute with Google Maps and Street View

Google Street View Street View section uploaded in Brazil by a user during tests. Google Image

Street View navigation combines 360º photos, accelerometers, gyroscope and also GPS coordinates. With this amalgam of data and multimedia content the Google app allows access to almost any part of the world as if you were physically there, an achievement that twenty years ago would have seemed science fiction. And at no cost, a feature that has significantly boosted both browsing and content creation.

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As Google details in this blog post, It is not always possible for the Street View car to circulate in every corner of the worldIt is also not easy for Google to send one of its travelers with the capture backpack. So it has facilitated the taking of images so that anyone with a mobile compatible with ARCore (Google's augmented reality system) has the possibility to capture content and upload it to the platform.

Creation process using ARCore. Google Gif

Google ensures that ARCore support is already available in the Street View app. Yes, at the moment it is limited to certain territories: Toronto, in Canada; New York and Austin, in Texas. Also Nigeria, Indonesia and Costa Rica. The capture and upload to Street View through ARCore will expand to more countries soon.

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