Google Home app starts showing ads for some users

As some users have shared, Google has introduced ads in its home automation control app, Google Home. As the screenshots show, under devices capable of playing multimedia content an ad urges you to use Sling, a television streaming platform.

Ads and phone use are so intrinsically linked that we are no longer surprised that advertising appears even in the most unsuspected apps. And less in the applications that are from Google: if we see advertising in options such as Discover, why would it not appear in other apps of the company? Well, Google Home is the next to join the attempt to make the facilities profitable.

Google Home suggests streaming services

Google Home Ads Screenshots of ads on Google Home. Screenshots of Android Police

The ads that have appeared in the application that controls Google devices, speakers, light bulbs and other objects connected to the home they are not too intrusive, but that does not mean they stop being unwanted advertising. As highlighted in Android Police, some Home users in the United States have seen how the app suggested that they use Sling, a television streaming platform.

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Ads are implemented in the form of a suggestion. When you open the Google Home app, and nothing is playing, Google Cast-compatible devices offer a suggestive warning 'Play live TV'(' Watch live TV '). By clicking on this notice, Google Home shows a Sling ad inviting the user to send the television channels offered by the platform to the connected device. It is a first announcement, but it would not be strange if Google Home to suggest other video streaming platforms, also music apps on connected speakers.

At the moment the ads have been seen only in the United States. We have checked several Google Home apps installed on our phones without discovering traces of the aforementioned advertising. It would not be surprising if this strategy were extended to all countries.

Via | Android Police