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Google enables closed betas in the Play Store

Google has announced the start of betas in Android Ato applications: with them developers will not only be able to polish their errors, but also they will have access to more tools with which to develop their apps. Google says that much more vehicle-compatible software will be created.

Android Auto is a great way to bring your smartphone screen to your car console with the increased driving safety, but it lacks a detail that will surely annoy its users: compatible apps. And Google is thinking about how to solve it since it is stimulating the development of new applications for Android Auto with the introduction of closed betas. In this way users will have access to many more apps; and the developers will have a new way of bringing their creations to the users.

Google Play is now ready for Android Auto beta apps

Android Auto Apps Testing

As we said, it cannot be said that the number of applications compatible with Android Auto is very high, especially in the most important categories of this operating system: driving, navigation and phone control. For example, and although we have a third browser about to come out in Android Auto (Sygic Navigation), currently it is only possible to move with the car if you use Google Maps or Waze. This is going to change, at least in theory.

How to test Android Auto in an emulator on Windows

Google has announced that it already has the testing mechanics ready for apps compatible with Android Auto. Divided into three types of betas, this mechanism allows developers to upload their apps to the Android store so that users can test them on the way to fix errors, approve changes in the design or ensure the correct functioning of the novelties. The possibility of uploading betas to Google Play has been active for years for the main types of apps, but until now those of Android Auto were not included.

Through the new betas, which will be available to developers shortly, they will be able to offer users Android Auto apps in three different ways:

  • Internal test. The beta is only accessible to the developer and his team.

  • Closed test. The so-called 'closed beta' grants access to users who have an invitation to test the app.

  • Open test. The 'open beta' allows anyone to download the apps under test; and these can be located with a simple search on Google Play.

Android Auto Apps Testing Apps for Android Auto in tests: left, T Map; right, PlugShare

Thanks to the betas, the owners of a vehicle with Android Auto will have access to compatible software much sooner. As well should increase the number of apps available Since, as Google is opening the system to developers, surely there are more interested in creating applications suitable for Auto. For example, Google has announced three companies that are already testing their apps in beta: T map, PlugShare and 2GIS.

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