Google Chrome for Android activates the redesign of its menu to all users

Over time, the contextual menu of Google Chrome has gained new options: translator, search the page, share, bookmarks, recent tabs ... Finding the option you need involved reading all the texts of an endless menu, something that will be a little easier now, with the new menu with icons.

One of the novelties of Google Chrome 86 were several alternative designs for the contextual menu, although it was optional: they were activated by Chrome flags. Now, in version 87 of Google Chrome, Google is activating from the server side the menu redesign that adds icons to each option.

New menu in Google Chrome

After several years in which the Google Chrome menu has been basically the same, but with more options, version 86 of the browser finally put some order, although optional. It included several Chrome flags to change design and behavior of said menu.

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This new menu is now being activated to users without having to touch any Chrome flag, although in its most basic version, with icons, but without regrouping the elements into categories with separators between them.

Opt The redesign that "winner" is the one that does not include separators

However, you can still customize the menu even more since chrome: // flags, changing the value of #tabbed-app-overflow-menu-regroup to Enabled in any of its variants that change which button is shown at the top.

If you think that the top of the menu has too many buttons, you can change the flag #tabbed-app-overflow-menu-three-button-actionbar to include only three buttons and, incidentally, choose if you want the download links and bookmarks to have action buttons or not.

Asmenus Other layouts for the menu that are available by changing Chrome flags

By the way, these changes apply only to the main Chrome menu, but not to the context menu that appears when long-tapping an image or link. This one had its redesign in 2019, although without icons. If you still don't see the icons, try clear chrome cache (from the app, not the browser cache).

Via | 9to5Google