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Google Camera Go brings HDR photography to simple mobiles with Android Go

Mobile phones with Android Go have their own ecosystem of Google applications, which are lighter so that they work correctly on these devices with little power. Google Camera Go arrived in March as a simple alternative to the Google camera, although without many of its benefits. Now it's starting to come HDR mode to Google Camera Go.

Google Camera Go is a very simple camera app that was missing some of the pillars that have made Google's camera famous at launch. The first of them, the night mode, arrived in October, with the promise that HDR would arrive before the end of the year. Said and done: HDR mode has begun to activate a few mobiles with Android Go, like the Nokia 1.3.

HDR mode in Android Go

Google Camera Go, the miniature Google camera for the most basic Android phones, already has HDR mode. Of course, it is not as powerful as the HDR or HDR + mode of the GCam, but something is something considering the low power and that in these devices the camera lenses are generally nothing to write home about.

We tested Camera Go: Google's camera for cheap mobiles

Google has announced that it has already started to activate the HDR mode in Google Camera Go, thus fulfilling the promise that it would arrive before the end of the year. This time we do not have much more information or an explanatory video, but a single example image that they have published on Twitter, comparing the difference between HDR mode on or off.

Of course, the fine print is included that "results may vary depending on the manufacturer", and that is that the application does its part, but it still depends on the hardware of the device. Google has not shared which devices it will activate first, although if we take night photography as an example, the first should be the Nokia 1.3, the Wiko Y61 and the Wiko Y81.

Although you can download the APK of Google Camera Go from APKMirror, what you will get is a normal camera application, without the night mode and without the HDR mode, which are only activated on specific models.

Via | XDA