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Google Assistant will integrate with all wired headphones and mic

Like us, you have been waiting a long time for this universal compatibility of Google Assistant with all headphones ... even those that connect by cable!

Nobody is surprised since we talk about Google Assistant as the star service of the Mountain View giant, not in vain we all know from the last Google I / O that Assistant wants to become the key to human-machine interaction between the user and their Android smartphone.

Perhaps because of this, it was strange to see how the smart assistant of Californians only integrated well with their own Pixel Buds and some third-party wireless headphones, with the eternal promise of universal compatibility that, as the companions of Verge and Android Police told us, it has finally arrived.

And it is that yes, we can already confirm that the integration of Google Assistant is extended to practically all of the headphones with USB-C and 3.5 mm audio jack, which will allow users to directly access all the wizard's functions.

Xiaomi Mi 10 and Marshall Major 3 Bluetooth headphones

All third-party headsets, even wired ones, finally get Google Assistant support.

So you can access Google Assistant from any wired headset

As we mentioned, to date only the headphones "Optimized for compatibility with the Google Assistant" could directly access the search giant's AI services, something that in the case of wired headphones only Google's own Pixel Buds USB-C could boast.

Was a major limitation for a service you want monopolize future interaction with our smartphones, and that already stars it almost exclusively in the case of Android Auto and Google Home, so obviously from California they had been promising universal integration for years.

So, from now on when we use wired headphones "Not optimized"we'll see how a notification is triggered which will indicate that we can invoke the Assistant simply pressing the action button on the headphones themselves which is usually next to the microphone.

This will cause us to hear the activation sound and we can speak directly to Google Assistant to set timers, create appointments, listen to notifications or take actions with your smartphone without even touching it.

From Verge they told us that they have tested it successfully with Apple EarPods with standard audio-jack, from a Pixel 4A mobile with the latest build of Android 11 and the November security patch. In any case, it is an important but limited novelty in users, because many of the latest android phones, most in the noblest ranges, have already dispensed with the headphone jack... Good news, be that as it may!