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Google app unveils biometric access, more features for Nest and a word pronunciation tutor

Before launching improvements and novelties in an application, it is common for them to have tests and new functions and the analysis of the source code of an app can serve as a method to know what is to come. Something that we can now apply to the Google application.

And it is that the source code of the latest available version has shed light on some of the features that could come in future updates. And be careful, these are interesting improvements, because the code in the latest beta version of the Google application reveals how they prepare the arrival of control through biometric systems to improve privacy when using the browser and the occasional surprise that we will now see.

Three new functions


Google plans, or so it seems, to go further with its application in terms of security and to safeguard user privacy, it may be considering the introduction of a locking system using some type of biometric access control, either fingerprint or facial identification. Elements that the latest beta version of the Google application reveals.

I have looked at all the data that Google has on me, and I confirm that it is the definitive Big Brother

It is that when we use incognito mode to navigate and the session is blocked for a period of inactivity, we have to use a biometric access system (depending on what we have configured) to confirm our identity.

Biometric control

But it is not the only novelty that could come in a future update, since in the same application, which we remember, is version 11.39.7, it also raises an improvement in the control of connected devices in the smart home. More exactly, Nest devices could, which could see how the option that allows disable them so that they do not sound when we are not at home.


Finally, another of the possible functions that the beta version application reveals is the ability to teach users to pronounce words, something they call "Speaking Practice Mode" o "Oral practice mode". A feature that appears to be restricted to English although it may support more languages.


"Speaking Practice Mode" would be a kind of tutor that would show a word to the user and then ask him to repeat it, along with prompts to reproduce the correct pronunciation.

These functions may or may not reach the Google application in the future, but what is clear is that we will see movements in the near future.



Via | XDA Developers