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goodbye to a platform that marked a before and after in the streaming era

It seems that Twitter wants to end 2020 by lightening luggage, and a few hours ago they announced that they are closing Periscope, although they say that we will be able to continue using the service until March of the next year.

In a Medium post, the Periscope team states that "still believe in the power of live video to solve shocking problems, which is why we've brought most of Periscope's core functionality to Twitter. "


Anyway, they also acknowledge that leave the platform "in its current state" he wasn't leaving any profit for Periscope itself or for Twitter. They add that "the truth is that the Periscope app is in an unsustainable maintenance mode."

"The truth is that the Periscope application is in an unsustainable state of maintenance, and has been for a while. In the last two years we have seen a decrease in usage and we know that the cost of maintaining the app will only continue to increase with time".

We remember that Periscope did not operate much independently, as it was quickly bought by Twitter in early 2015. This purchase came at the height of 'Meerkat', a service that was causing a sensation and that also allowed you to start streaming from your smartphone.

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The end of Periscope has already begun, and it is no longer possible to create new user accounts or buy coins that can be sent as a tip to the accounts that are broadcasting live.

As we said, the withdrawal of the app in the app stores It will be in March 2021. Until that moment, users will be able to download the videos they have created in the service and will be able to collect their tips (this until the end of April).

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We've been watching platforms like Twitch grow impressively for years, and the end of Periscope reminds us of an important moment in the age of streaming.

When it arrived it provided us with a somewhat futuristic experience, and it was exciting to be able to start streams from your smartphone or watch other people's. Now all of that may sound a bit far off, but it sure helped set the path we are on today.

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