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Goodbye Thermomix? This is the Xiaomi kitchen robot

This is EVERYTHING you need to know about the new kitchen robot that Xiaomi has put on sale, and that competes with the Thermomix.

One of the latest products to join the immense catalog of products sold by Xiaomi is a kitchen robot that aspires to compete with such famous models as the Thermomix or the famous Silvercrest Monsieur Cuisine, better known as Lidl's robot.

It's about the new OCooker Multi-purpose Cooking Robot, a complete kitchen robot that the company has begun to offer in its official online store, YouPin.

But, What does this Xiaomi kitchen robot offer? And above all, Is it better than your Thermomix or Lidl alternatives? We are going to review everything you need to know about this interesting appliance.

What is the Xiaomi kitchen robot like?

Like the vast majority of products offered for sale by Xiaomi, the OCooker Multi-purpose Cooking Robot appears to be a device modern and loaded with technology.

The first thing that stands out is its eye-catching design, which although it is mainly finished in plastic, the addition of chrome details give it a more modern look than alternatives from other brands.

The inclusion of a large full touch screen 7 inches diagonal, from which you can configure the robot, choose recipes - whose process can be viewed on video from the screen itself - or change the parameters of the dishes to be prepared.

Despite all that is included, the robot has a compact design, which makes the OCooker Multi-purpose Cooking Robot a device more or less portable that we can take with us anywhere when necessary.

What can the OCooker Multi-Purpose Cooking Robot do?

Xiaomi kitchen robot

This is the OCooker Multi-Purpose Cooking Robot.

In your ad, Xiaomi states that your food processor is capable of replace about 21 kitchen utilities thanks to its functions. Apparently the robot can replace Rice cookers, pressure cookers, coffee grinders, electronic scales, yogurt makers, meat grinders and many other household appliances.

To do this, the robot relies on a software developed by the company itself called Cookinglot, similar to what we can find in the latest Thermomix models.

This software has algorithms that optimize the preparation of dishes in real time or the option of extract information online to improve your capabilities.

Can it be a good alternative to Lidl's Thermomix?

Considering its functions, if we compare the OCooker Multi-Purpose Cooking Robot with the Lidl food processor, we can conclude that it is a good alternative. In both cases we speak of robots capable of replace various kitchen appliances, with several built-in accessories and a touch screen with which to control the robot.

Now, taking into account the price of both models, it is likely that the Lidl kitchen robot be a more interesting option than Xiaomi. But do not forget that Lidl only launches its robot for sale on a one-off basis throughout the year.

OCooker Kitchen Robot

The touch screen of the OCooker food processor.

How much does the Xiaomi kitchen robot cost and when is it launched?

Make it a product released for sale by Xiaomi, does not mean it is a cheap device. Although its price is interesting considering all the functions it offers, the truth is that it can be somewhat high for some interested parties.

The OCooker kitchen robot can be purchased at a price of 3999 yuan, some 505 euros to change. However, this is a promotional launch price during the crowdfunding phase. Once it is launched on the market, the price will rise to 5999 yuan, near 760 euros To the change.

Its launch should take place throughout the month of December. Initially, will only be available in China and it is unknown if Xiaomi intends to take it to the rest of the world. However, it should not be difficult to get hold of the robot through the most popular import stores.