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Gmail will let us edit Microsoft Office documents directly from email attachments

Gmail is going to start treating Office documents more similarly to Google Docs.. Currently when we receive an Office document via Gmail and we want to edit it, we must import it into Google Drive to be able to modify it, while it can only be viewed from the mail app.

This will change soon, as Google will now allow when you have a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, or a PowerPoint presentation in Gmail, it can be edited directly from there.

Better compatibility between Google Docs and Office

Google Docs Office

The new editing feature within Gmail is not only making the process of editing an Office document easier, but Google is also improving support for Microsoft document formats.

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Google Docs will preserve the original document format of Office files

For example, Office documents are not converted to Google documentsInstead, the original document format of the file is preserved. If you make an edit, it is automatic, and you do not have to download and reattach the updated file that retains its format.

In addition to this, Google has launched a new extension for Google Workspace called Macro Covnerter. This plugin serves to make it easier to automatically convert Excel files that have VBA code to Google Spreadsheets and to App Script. Very useful for companies to easily convert their Excel macros.

Via | The Verge