Gmail, Play Store, YouTube and other Google services are down [actualizado]

Upgrade: services are gradually being restored. The emails are reaching Gmail, although apps like YouTube and Play Store continue to present connection errors.

It's not just you: Google is experiencing a global drop in most of its services, both mobile and web. Gmail cannot synchronize contacts, there are delays in the delivery of emails, the Google Play Store does not work, and Google Meet video calls do not work properly either.

It is not usual for Google servers to show drops that affect most of the services it offers to its users, but today, December 14 is going through a notable pothole. As reported by a good majority of users, and we have verified on our own phones, much of google services are down. It remains to wait for them to recover.

YouTube, Search, Play Store, Meet, Classroom ... are down

Google errors Some of the Google services with loading problems. Image of Down Detector

We are facing one of the biggest drops in Google's servers, a widespread problem that is giving up with the loading of web pages also with the correct functioning of the applications on Android mobiles. If you have tried to access any of the Google Apps, and the access has not worked, you will have to wait for Google to restore the proper functioning of the servers.

All Google Play errors and how to fix each problem

Connection problems with Google services and applications affect everyone, although they are specifically focused on Europe and the east coast of the United States (data from Down Detector). The errors range from being unable to log into Google account to pending downloads from app store. Also, Meet video calls do not work properly, Google Maps is down and the same is true for accessing and playing YouTube videos. The message that is jumping to the phone applications is that of 'A problem has occurred on the server'.

Google has confirmed the problem, also that its engineers they are trying to fix it. It is to be hoped that the company does not delay in excess, some of the services have been returning to droppers.