gives you 20 gigs for free

The OMV of Orange has a special promotion for its customers: it gives you 20 gigs!

Part of the advantages of purchase of Mobile Republic by Orange is that the OMV has more capacity to offer certain privileges to your subscribers. Thus, just as Vodafone yu y entertained during Christmas, República Móvil has announced on its website that it has also prepared a "gift" for its customers.

Up to 20 gigs free courtesy of República Móvil

Mobile Republic christmas campaign

República Móvil starts its Christmas campaign with a gift for its customers.

Roughly, if you are a client of República Móvil you get a 20GB voucher data completely free. To receive it, it is not necessary to do anything, since the operator informs that will be activated automatically.

If you are a client of República Móvil, you are also interested in knowing that the voucher will come into effect throughout this week, from the moment you receive an SMS informing you of the promotion. Once you receive the message you will have an additional 20GB to browse until January 31, 2021, the day the promotion will end. During these weeks you can see the additional gigs in the application of República Móvil entering the Client area.

As we have already commented in our recent coverage of mobile operators, it is usual that during Christmas they offer additional services for free, which usually go in the form of free gigabytes or limited access to certain platforms.