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GitHub Annual Report Reveals Increase in Productivity and Number of New Projects Since Pandemic Start

The 2020 edition of the 'State of the Octoverse' report is here, which GitHub publishes every year to offer information on software development trends observed on your platform.

What happens is that this year has been different, for obvious reasons, to all the previous ones, and the report allows to extract some quite interesting data.

For example: a total of 56 million developers used GitHub in 2020, running more than 1.9 billion contributions and creating 60 million new repositories.

This last data shows a growth of 35% compared to last year. They are also merging pull requests faster than last year, which would indicate a greater degree of collaboration in the projects.

What is Github and what does it offer developers

GitHub has set a goal of reaching 100 million developers by 2025.

The influence of COVID-19

And they are not the only ones who have indicated an increase in activity by software developers since the coronavirus landed in our lives.

For example, the creation of software projects has grown by 25% since the first wave of the pandemic broke out in April this year. There have also been increases in the amount of code generated, and in the time spent writing it.

Dev Project Creation

Curiously, on the other hand it has been observed that on weekends the latter decreased, but the former rose, indicating a possible use of the programming as an escape route from routine work:

Dev week

And while the number of members of the GitHub community is growing, the percentage of those who identify themselves as professional developers does decrease, which

"It indicates a growing diversity among the people who join [a la misma]".

Language ranking 2020

But in what programming languages ​​was all this developer activity expressed in 2020? The ranking collected in the report is as follows:

  1. JavaScript

  2. Python

  3. Java

  4. TypeScript

  5. C #

  6. PHP

  7. C ++

  8. C #

  9. Shell

  10. Ruby

Lan Ranking

Some very similar to last year, with the exception of the TypeScript jump from 7th to 4th position. It should be noted, perhaps, that the new leadership that other rankings give Python is not visible on GitHub.

Detected security issues

The report also includes some negative notes, such as the disturbing finding that among open source projects, vulnerabilities often go more than four years without being detected (once detected, however, they tend to be patched in just over 4 weeks of half).

If we continue reading the report, we will see that these vulnerabilities are usually the result of human errors, and not malicious attacks on repositories; from GitHub they promote the use of automated code analysis to improve their detection.