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Each new selection of offers helps us to discover fantastic creations from lesser known developers. However, they are also a good opportunity to get apps from more famous creators.

In this case, it is possible to get apps like Luci, one of the latest creations of Sam Ruston - famous for being the creator of the popular Twitter client Flamingo. It is also possible to get other free apps and games Top-notch titles, including titles like Demong Hunter VIP, The Lone Hacker and more.

Offers on Google Play Store

Love You To Bits is one of the games that you can download at a discount.

Free Android paid apps

  • WA Manager: read deleted messages and statuses | Free 0.59 euros
  • Equalizer FX Pro | Free 2.09 euros
  • Unit Converter (Pega Pro) - Premium | Free 7.99 euros
  • Hot VPN Pro - HAM Paid VPN Private Network | Free 3.79 euros
  • Luci - Intelligent Dream Journal & Lucid Guide | Free 1.99 euros
  • RubikCalcPRO: Programmable Calculator (PRO) | Free 0.59 euros
  • Rec Audio Recorder PRO | Free 5.99 euros
  • Exercises for back pain | Free 3.39 euros
  • Game Booster Pro | Bug Fix & Lag Fix | Free 0.59 euros
  • Dock Circle 3D - Icon Pack | Free 1.49 euros
  • 80s Music Radio Pro | Free 0.61 euros

Paid games for Android free

Paid apps for Android on offer

Paid games for Android on offer

  • Love You to Bits | 1.19 euros 4.19
  • Bring You Home | 1.19 euros 3.59
  • Prune | 0.99 euros 4.39
  • Slaughter 3: The Rebels | 0.59 euros 2.29
  • Titan Quest | 2.49 euros 7.99
  • Demong Hunter VIP | 0.89 euros 2.79