The vivo X60 Pro + will come out with a leather back and the new Snapdragon 888

For the first time in its history, Xiaomi could sell more phones than Apple

The company has set as an internal objective the manufacture of 240 million smartphones.

Xiaomi's ambition knows no limits and the Chinese firm is going all the way in the ever closer 2021. After having dethroned Apple in the third quarter of 2020, the company has set its eyes on a much more sweet target: outperform Apple and Huawei in one calendar year.

According to some information from Chinese sources, Xiaomi is increasing notably the number of smartphones to be manufactured, in addition to being in continuous conversations with the different component suppliers to to be able to increase the manufacture of terminals to 240 million. If the data in the report really materializes, we would be talking about a notorious rise in terms of the creation of terminals.

There is no doubt: Xiaomi goes for Apple and Huawei

the world belongs to xiaomi

Xiaomi is going for the world top company that sells the most mobile phones.

This ambitious expansion plan has a clear goal, to ascend to the second in the world in the ranking of companies that sell the most smartphones. Currently and taking a full calendar year as a reference, Xiaomi is fourth behind Apple, Huawei and the intractable Samsung.

In the same report it is also pointed out that Xiaomi's first request revolved around the possibility of manufacturing 300 million terminals by 2021, but for structural reasons it is not possible. The vendors (Qualcomm and MediTek in this case) do not have the ability to manufacture only for one company such volume, at least they cannot commit to it. The consequences of Covid-19 in the production chain have taken their toll and today there are still large-scale supply problems.

In any case, if the manufacture of 240 million smartphones is finally certified, Xiaomi would equally surpass Apple, who markets around 200 million units annually.

Likewise, Huawei continues with its problems due to the restrictions in the United States and, to make matters worse, it no longer has the addition of Honor, recently sold, so let's say it has a little more "paved" way.